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Reusable menstrual cup with medical grade silicone cleaner Bam Boo! Lifestyle

Reusable menstrual cup with medical grade silicone cleaner Bam Boo! Lifestyle

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How to use?

1.Before handling the Menstrual Cup, make sure your hands are completely clean.

2. Sterilize the cup before first insertion.

3. We recommend inserting the cup in any of the following positions: sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing, try one of these positions and choose which one is best for you.

4. To facilitate insertion, you can moisten the Cup with water or lubricating gel if necessary.

5. Hold the Cup with your fingers and press down.

6.Then, fold the cup lengthwise in half with the fingers of the other hand.

7. Hold the cup with the fingers of one hand in the lowest possible position.

8. Insert the cup into the vagina obliquely, backwards.

9. The proper position of the cup is lower than that of tampons. When inserting into the vagina, release your fingers and allow the Cup to fully unfold and adhere to the vaginal wall.

10. You can disinfect it before and after using it.
Use of the sterilizer:
Menstrual cup Sterilization and storage, even water cup when traveling for its foldable and portable features

Matters needing attention:

No allergic reactions Does not cause mold or urinary tract infections, it can be applied to all women, but the use of this product is not recommended for women who have no sexual experience.

Capacity Description:

The size S menstrual cup is suitable for normal flow.

The L size menstrual cup is suitable for heavy flow.
We recommend that you purchase two different sizes of menstrual cups to handle different menstrual conditions. 

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