Dientes sanos, niños sanos

Healthy teeth, healthy children

This Children's Day smile more than ever,
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Oral cleaning is not only about not having yellow teeth, if our teeth are sick and our gums are sick, we are sick. It is of great importance for the health of the whole body as there are serious repercussions of cavities in the body. Bacteria can travel throughout the body and can cause serious illness.

Prevention is the best treatment of all, so it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene habits. To do this, we advise you to follow the following recommendations:

  • Use brushes that are kind to the environment.

Encourage your children to be aware of the planet. The best option is to use an ecofriendly brush like the Bam Boo! Lifestyle KIDS made of bamboo and BPA-free nylon bristles.

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day .

Brush your teeth every time after eating . The most important brushing is in the morning because that is when you have the highest bacterial load.

  • An attractive brush for them.

The Bam Boo! Lifestyle KIDS is designed for children , with it you can encourage your children to have good hygiene and at the same time be responsible with the environment.

  • Use a reward system.

Is there no way for our children to brush their teeth? We can create a simple points system. When they accumulate a few we will give them a small gift.

This Children's Day , take advantage of the 2X1 promotion on the Bam Boo!

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