Cuidados para madres primerizas

Care for new mothers

The work of a mother is one of the most demanding that exists, especially if you are a first-timer; We are aware that taking care of your newborn baby is a full-time task and, on many occasions, it is difficult to spend a few minutes on personal care.

But don't be discouraged! For everything there is a solution. For this reason, on this occasion we show you a beauty routine for new mothers that you can perform in a few steps, obtaining results that not even you can believe.

take care of your skin

Use one of Bam Boo's naturally derived soaps! Lifestyle on the face. These types of soaps work very well to cleanse, hydrate, and remove impurities from the skin.

The best of all? It is an eco-friendly product! Since it is free of harmful chemicals and has recyclable packaging.

To apply, you just have to moisten your face, gently lather it in circles and then rinse with plenty of water. Wash your face in the morning and before going to bed. The result will be a natural and luminous skin.

Use sunscreen

Protect your skin from the sun to avoid burns, skin cancer and premature aging. You should use this product daily before going out because, if you don't, in a short time you may notice changes in your skin in terms of photoaging.

Show off super hair

Instead of subjecting your hair to the heat of the appliances, choose to let it dry in the wind. To maintain its natural texture, use the Bam Boo! line of shampoo and conditioner bars. Lifestyle, with which you can clean and hydrate your scalp, while being aware of caring for the environment and reducing the use of plastics with biodegradable packaging.

For new moms short on time, a good tip might be to go for a cut that isn't too complicated to maintain.

Being a mother is a great experience that takes time and effort, so this Mother's Day take advantage of the 25% discount promotion on selected hygiene products from Bam Boo! Lifestyle.
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