Ejercicios para el abdomen para después del embarazo

Exercises for the abdomen after pregnancy

To lower the abdomen after pregnancy, it is recommended to follow a balanced and low-calorie diet, as well as carry out an exercise routine that helps to strengthen it.

In the same way, it is necessary to carry out exercises for the back, seeking to avoid the pain that appears in most cases after the birth of the baby, due to poor posture during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Subject to what your GP says, you can start exercising to reduce fat from 20 days after normal delivery, or 40 days after a cesarean section.

You can do the exercises with the specialized Go Plus team; They will help you to have a better result without hurting yourself.

We recommend doing these exercises at least once a week.

Lying Leg Raises

Wearing the appropriate level Go Plus Loop Garters around your ankles, lie on your back. Keeping your hands on the floor and your legs straight, lift one leg high while pressing the other leg into the floor. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

hip lift

Lie on your back and raise your hips as high as you can get. Stay in this position for 1 minute and lower the hip. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Oblique Crunch

Start in a side-reclining position with one of the mini garters from the Go Plus kit around your ankles. Support your body with your elbow and lift your legs straight up in the air. Repeat the exercise 10 times for each leg.

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