About us

ONNEA GELD SA de CV emerged in Mexico City in 2019 with the intention of creating a company that would solve the problem of acquiring support products and physical-sports mobility in the country, essentially, Kinesiological Tapes. It is then that the Go Plus ® brand is founded, integrating into this different categories of Sports Equipment and Support and Mobility.
During the course of operations, the concern arises to complement personal well-being through products that are completely friendly to the Environment, this is how the sister brand Bam Boo! Lifestyle®, whose bamboo toothbrushes, shampoos and solid toothpastes, soon positioned themselves in the market as the main sustainable alternative in hygiene and personal care products among consumers.
Finally, hand in hand with kinesiology tapes and in order to contribute to solving the problem that wearing a bra caused for some people, FEM TAPE® breast adhesive tape arose.
Since then and thanks to the results achieved, ONNEA GELD SA de CV has formed strategic alliances with brands that share its philosophy of well-being and personal care, such as the best-selling collagen brand in the United States, Berry Gen®.