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Jump! Premium Go Plus Weighted Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump! Premium Go Plus Weighted Adjustable Jump Rope

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CONTENT: 6 pieces (2 small stainless steel weights,

2 dumbbells, 2 jump cables)


Jump rope, ideal for fitness, crossfit, speed jumping, boxing and more. It includes stainless steel weights that you can place to help increase muscle strength, it is made of resistant material and has an adjustable-length cable, with a modern screwless fastening system.


  • Contributes to burning calories.
  • Allows you to work calves, thighs, buttocks and abdomen.
  • Contributes to improve endurance and gain muscle strength.


  1. Place the elbows bent close to the sides.
  2. Make circular movements with the arms, maintaining the position indicated above, while jumping with both feet together at a moderate pace when the rope touches the ground. Land on the ground, always on the balls of your feet, not flat feet. Keep your back straight and your eyes forward during the exercise.
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