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Loop Bands Kit Long Resistance Bands Pull Up Go Plus

Loop Bands Kit Long Resistance Bands Pull Up Go Plus

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CONTENT: 4 pieces (garters 2m long each)


Strength bands made of high resistance latex, for personal training and physical conditioning. Each league has a different color, thickness and tension. The leagues can be used in different disciplines and according to the desired degree of resistance.


  • The use of the leagues during the exercise contributes to efficiently work different parts of the body, such as legs, buttocks, waist, arms, back and more.
  • Its use during exercise contributes to toning the body and obtaining better results in specific training sessions.
  • Using the leagues during physical training helps to stay in shape and achieve sports goals faster.


  • Garters are designed for adult use only.
  • The recommended minimum age is 15 years, with adult supervision.
  • Stretch test the garters before use.
  • If you have an injury, do not use the garters.
  • During the exercise routine, the garters must be correctly attached to the hands, feet or hips to avoid accidents.
  • It is the user's responsibility to use the product under optimal physical conditions. It is recommended to consult a trainer or sports expert before using the product.
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