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Massage Gun Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Go Plus

Massage Gun Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Go Plus

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CONTENT: 6 pieces (1 gun, 4 interchangeable heads and 1 charger cable).


Multimodal massage gun, with different heads, ideal for any sports therapy, light injury treatment or relaxation and massage sessions.


  • It helps release tension, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, relax muscle groups, and even energize the entire body.
  • The pulsating vibration massage motion provides health benefits and the tired body.


  • It has 6 intensity levels.
  • Contains 4 different massage heads to work with deep tissue, increase circulation, improve mobility or decrease inflammation.
  • It is very silent, since it works with less than 55 Db (decibels).
  • Compact, light and very resistant.
  • High quality and long-lasting rechargeable lithium battery.
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