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Mini Leagues Kit 5 Resistance Bands Go Plus

Mini Leagues Kit 5 Resistance Bands Go Plus

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CONTENT: 5 pieces (60 cm suspenders, transport bag)


Natural latex garters, each one of a different color and tension, depending on the degree of

desired resistance.


  • Stretching and warming up: They are perfect for warming up and stretching, properly preparing you for an optimal workout.
  • Toning: resistance bands will be a great ally to develop marked and defined muscles.
  • Muscle development: works all muscle groups such as legs, arms, chest, buttocks, back and shoulders.
  • Combination: Combine the resistances of the leagues to your liking or according to the level of your training.


  1. Designed for exclusive use by adults. The recommended minimum age is 15 years, with adult supervision.
  2. Stretch test the garters before use.
  3. If you have an injury, do not use the garters.
  4. Do not overstretch the garters. They should not be stretched more than 2 times their resting length.
  5. They are not designed to be played with, avoid accidents.
  6. Store garters out of the sun. The sun's rays can weaken rubber bands and can cause them to break or break.
  7. During the exercise routine, the garters must be correctly attached to the hands, feet or hips to avoid accidents.
  8. It is the responsibility of the user to use the product under optimal physical conditions. It is recommended to consult a trainer or sports expert before using the product.
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