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Sports Tape Kit! GoPlus

Sports Tape Kit! GoPlus

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CONTENT: 2 rolls of Sports Tape (137 X 3.8 cm) and 1 roll of Under Tape (200 X 6 cm).

Sports Tape Go Plus: 100% Cotton adhesive fabric.

Under Tape Go Plus: Ultra resistant polyurethane foam microfiber tape.


It contributes to the stability of the joints during exercise and the practice of various sports, obtaining additional support. Apply the SPORTS TAPE together with the UNDER TAPE to obtain optimal results.


  • Helps minimize joint instability.
  • Recommended for athletes and physiotherapists.
  • Its use and application varies according to the sport or activity that is going to be practiced.


  • Single-use product.
  • Test the tape on a small area of the skin, in case of irritation or redness when removing, do not use.
  • Remove gently and towards the same direction of the hair.

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